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On 12/14/2019 at 3:10 PM, David Sparkes said:

Just one caveat I will add to the 'no grease' chorus.

This is based on the fact that the other two pins of the spider look greased.

When there is one route in (the grease nipple) but four routes out (each pin), if the greaseway to one pin, or two pins, gets blocked with dirt or dried grease, then any new grease will easily pour out of the 2 or 3 pins still open, while the blocked pins get no lubrication at all.

I'm saying it isn't enough to grease every 3, 6, or 12 months as the fancy takes you. Grease has to be seen to be forced past all four seals if you are to be certain each pin is getting new gease.

I have seen it asserted that if the spider ends up pushed hard against one of the caps, this is enough to stop the grease flow. The apparent possible cure is to lightly hammer the opposite leg of the yoke towards the cap that isn't showing grease, then applying more grease to see if it will now flow.
I've never been concious of this myself, so merely present it for consideration and comment.
I understand some people don't like, on principle, dislodging a seal by forcing grease through it, but how else do you ensure each pin is being greased?


That’s one suggestion on how to get even grease distribution, Reb.  I think if dry grease is blocking one or more legs of the spider, then you’ll have to strip and clean it out, though you could try pumping a solvent through followed by fresh grease if you clear it.

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10 minutes ago, reb78 said:

So, is there any way of making sure that the grease gets to all four parts of the UJ??????

There was a post @Daan did a while back where he explained that he almost always greases his props off the car and had had virtually no UJ Failures in years. He uses a vice to pressure the cups that are greased to close up and force grease to the other cups.

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In the past when I had a [non-LR] vehicle with one of the spider's legs that looked like it was not passing grease, I rotated the prop so that leg was uppermost, then hooked my arm round the prop and hung on it with all my weight while pumping grease - the idea being that the weight would pull the end of the spider away from the blind-end of the cup and give a gap so any plug of hardened grease in the spider could find a way out..

A few *vigorous* pumps on the grease-gun got the required effect.

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