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Jim Mason

300TDI Discovery Alarm Fault

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I know this topic has been done to death, so understand i will get very little response. I have read as many previous posts available to none members of this community.

Issue i have is alarm is non functioning, previous owner had it unplugged from sounder.

Had a few auto electricians have a look, most once they see its a landy wish me good luck and leave, those that have tried, soon gave up.

So, central locking works fine, sticking locks that need some attention as they operate randomly when key fob is pressed or key turned in drivers lock.

But i have no flashes of hazzard lights to say armed or dis-armed.

From this point onwards, all hazzard lights flash every 5 minutes day & night untill the battery is completly drained.

All door switches have been replaced.

Personnally i feel its a ground connection thats missing, as when the door opens the courtesy light does not switch on, but will suddenly switch on whilst driving when it feels like working.

I am at a loss where to start to diagnose the issue as the haynes manual isnt very clear and does not cover the alarm.

I am even unsure if its the factory fitted alarm or one original owner fitted as im only the second owner.

Trouble is everything is i beleive buried under the cubby box which is not easily accessable.

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Courtesy light is attached to the MFU, these suffer from some strange failure faults.

Put in some google searches for alarm units and compare if its the same as what youve got, should tell you if its factory.

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