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Where to buy wet grit attachment


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Of course, that would be a good use for a little of your 'grit mountain'

If it works - I'll be tempted too!


With 20 tonnes of the stuff stacked in my yard, obviously great minds think alike! Also it's wet so I cannot use it in a dry shot blasting cabinet.

I bought the Karcher from Trafalgar in Crawley but cannot see any reference to wet grit blasting on their web site. Just in general terms does anyone have experience of wet grit blasting? what grit to use? any drawbacks? presumably parts need painting very rapidly after blasting to prevent rust forming?

BTW it's a Karcher HDS 551C not a 501 on my original post.

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I've used one at work, on a small domestic jet wash for cleaning the rotting gunge and rusty paint off a waste compactor. I used normal sand, but the sand had to be very dry for it to suck up the feed tube to the nozzle. It did a very good job, a lot better with the sand than just water. Took rusty paint off back to bare metel, not shiny as it made it a matt finish.

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Here http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopi...amp;hl=wet+grit there was talk of wet grit blasting, anyone know where and price for attachments?

Whilst looking on the net for wet grit attachments, found this list of usefull info if you are considering buying a machine.

BTW our waterjet machine at work has an index of 26.3 (4150 bar / 3.8litre/min) and you do not hand hold the baby!

link http://www.diyfaq.org.uk/electrical/pressu...her_faq.htm#Top

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