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Spider immobilizer 1998 discovery

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, and I am sure this has been discussed before. I need help with a 1998 Discovery 1 my son and I have been working on. When we got the rover it would start no problem. But while we were workin on it the battery died several times. When we re-charge it it would start fine. One time my son tried to put the radio code in several times with no luck and from that point on the car wouldn’t start it turns over but it won’t fire. We checked all the fuses and all the relays everything seems to be fine I’m sure it’s a security issue and we can’t get the car to start no matter what. Doing research we found out about the spider immobilizer and how could be bypassed. I have purchased the bypass plug and thought it would be easy to find the spider box but we’ve taken everything apart and I have no idea where this box is none of the videos I see online are very helpful the only one I confined has already taken the box off and put the bypass plug on so it doesn’t show where the box is. Again this is a gasoline 1998 V8 land rover discovery any suggestions on how I can get it to fire would be greatly appreciated.

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The UK/ROW V8 models have a spider (I discovered it and wrote the post on the tech archive forum - mine was a 3.9 V8) but as far as I know the NAS models do not - the OP doesn't specify what his vehicle is but given his location is Kansas I assume that's US and thus a NAS model. The late NAS vehicles used the 4.0 and 4.6 Range Rover engines I think, so probably the associated engine management system and probably a completely different immob setup. I know nothing about them except for that.

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19 hours ago, smallfry said:

He stated that its a Disco 1 ……. 1998

As regards a fix, I have no idea. However, as it will be a distributor and Hotwire engine, should be easy to bypass in order to get it running.

Not if it is a NAS vehicle!! The later NAS spec vehicles had a GEMS system that was essentially the same as the Range Rover of the day.

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