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FL2 whining noise after engine turned off

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We've just bought a '13 HSE Diesel. 55k and very clean. Drove 2 hours home with no probs.

Day 2 morning was a trifle disrupted with a flat battery. Battery took charge ok-ish and new battery ordered. Tests showed that it takes several minutes before the current drain from the battery drops to ~10--20mA after double-locking.

Day 3 morning and voltage measured before trying to start ;) and all ok, so we dared to go out. When we got home we noticed that the high-pitched whine/whistle that you get for a while after the engine is switched off kept going on... and on... and on. So I unlocked, then ign on, then double-locked again and waited. And it kept whining. So I started the engine for a minute, then turned it off, double-locked and waited. And the whine went away after about 30s-ish. (And its a 'clean' whine/whistle (a bit like tinnitus !), no 'graunching')

Now that sounds like a nice intermittent fault to me, and given that on day 2 I measured up to 9A at times without the engine running, and a static draw of about 4A for quite a while, I'm guessing that 4A-ish constantly out of a half-shot 80Ah battery will result in a flat battery after leaving overnight. Not good when you live up in the Welsh hills :(

Problem found maybe... but what's my solution ???


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Yes, thanks, I picked that up from searching yesterday, but this noise was continuous for 15 minutes... we had started doing other things after we came back when my wife said 'the car's still making quite a noise', and it continued when I came out to see.

As noted elsewhere, if you dont lock straight away it goes on for longer, and it you double-lock it stops after 30s-ish, as I described, and I definitely double-locked when we returned this morning.

Having measured the current drain yesterday while it was whistling, I am really concerned that it will flatten even a new battery in a day.

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Haha! Do you know how few garages there are in the middle of Wales :( The dealer is in Bristol (2 hours away), and of course closed for most of the week. I've got a pretty good warranty with it, but no experience of the local landy dealer, who is 45mins away, so I want to be able to go there and get a result without any faffing around. (tbh it would be easier for me to fit a throttle body, but then I'd have to pay for it !)

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