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Anyone seen this before? 

99% sure it’s coolant and seems to be weeping between the block and the head. Definitely not core plug failure.

No other signs of head gasket failure and coolant loss is barely detectable in the expansion tank.




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Bit late, but had that wet weepage on mine, wasn't coolant, t'was a very fine misting of oil from a leaking exhaust / inlet gasket.  I used to rinse it off with a brush and white spirit,  and a hose, and it would gradually re appear in about 6 months.   Had headgasket changed,as it was leaking at the back, along with new inlet and exhaust gaskets, and its been fine for over a year.

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Thanks for the advice, I’m going to call Turners in the morning to order it all.

i’m sure I could have got away with it for a while longer but it’s used solely for long distance travel and I don’t want to be dealing with garage repairs in a country where I don’t speak the language.

Does anyone know if it’s advisable to replace the valve caps or reuse the originals. Nothing obviously wrong with them.

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