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MS new build questions. help!

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@Bowie69 I think Mike has far bigger problems to sort with his vacuum leaks etc. before anything like that matters.

Likewise @mikeh501 I'd suggest there's no point putting a gas analyser on it or even trying to MOT it until you can solve the basic issues and then get the tune at least somewhere sensible.

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Without a restrictor, it is a 6mm barb straight into the plenum.... Quite a bit of air flows through that, from air filter, to rocker cover, through crankcase, out the other rocker cover breather straight into the plenum.

If nothing else, just block any barbs on the plenum base off for the moment, unless you actually need it to run.

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thanks guys. the plan is to block up the 6mm barb on the RHS just past the TB, and apply some more rtv on the PWM boss (problem is that boss is flat and carbon plenum has a slight curve to it) as these are the two which can definately see/feel. Do another vacumn check and see what it looks like and go from there. wont be bothering with o2/mot etc until this is done and we have done some further tuning. no point tuning it until we have air leaks sorted, but it is progress all the same.

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