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Another question guys!

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Discovery 2 TD5 51 plate, eg feb 2002

new Idler pulley , tensioner and belt, but belt is slack?  I torqued up the tensioner before fitting belt. should I loosen it to take up slack then torque back up? I have located the pin on mounting ok.

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Sorry for asking the obvious question but - have you bought the correct belt? I'm sure you're aware they come in different lenghts depending on what's fitted.


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21 hours ago, paulw60 said:

Yes bear, made sure it was with AC and ACE, it fits perfect just a bit of slack, can't even get finger between belt and a pulley, just loose!

Surely the tensioner pulley should take up the slack. Anything else would seem to imply something hasn't gone back together properly.

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Does the tensioner move at all, i.e. did you have to turn it out off the way to get the belt fitted? The tensioner only fits in one position, with the locating dowel. Then the bolt needs to be fully tightened and the tensioner turned ccw against the internal spring to give clearance for fitting the belt. When released, it should apply tension to the belt.

Also double check the belt is routed correctly.


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