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101 canvas Hood


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So, I've got a canvas hood which I believe came from a 101.

It's got 2 windows per side, so it seems slightly unusual compared to most of the ones I see on a google search.

I use it with my Sankey on a removable frame - as the extra size makes a great canopy for events or camping..

What can you tell me about this - have I dropped the ball?


$_86 (5).jpg

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Doesn't look like a 101 canvas - looks too short, there should be straps all along the seem above the windows to allow the sides to be rolled up and the tie down ropes go on the inside of the top not the bottom.

As far as the windows go, originally there were no side windows in the main sides of the canvas but there is a small window at the front on the passenger side to allow the driver to see over his shoulder when turning.  While no windows in the side as original, they can be fitted.

Here is a pic of my 101 with its original canvas - note the buckles along the top seam (the straps are on the inside), the lower tie downs on the inside of the canvas, not the outside like yours, also note the small window at the front (on a LHD vehicle the small window is on the opposite side).

Also - you can see the sewing for your windows so it looks as it it is on your trailer inside out.








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It’s certainly inside out - not just the window edges giving it away but the straps to hold it to the hood sticks above the windows.  With the ends gathered in so much and the length obscured, it could be from anything but an 88 or 90.

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