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2003 Discovery Td5 auto cranks but won’t fire up.

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Hi all. Need some advice please. 

I was driving home Sunday and my discovery cut out up hill. It started up a bit croaky and a bit smokey which I thought was weird but then felt fine. Was driving down hill most of the way then went up hill and slowly lost power and then stopped. Would not fire up. It cranked but wouldn’t start. The first thing I thought was fuel pump based on experience. I’ve changed the fuel pump for a new vdo pump this evening and bled it up 3 times to be on safe side. Went to start and it just cranked and wouldn’t fire up. Then made a beep 3 times. not normal. 

I stuck the hawk eye diagnostics on and it advised all 5 injectors open circuit logged. And can tx error has been detected. I cleaned the red plug of oil 2week ago. Checked tonight and it was clean. 

I checked the fuel cut off switch which was fine still depressed. 

I changed the injector harness on Xmas day too. 

can anyone give me some ideas please. Fuel filter was also done 2 month ago. 

many thanks in advance. 

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You can't bleed the entire system on a TD5 due to the fuel system design. You can bleed most of it but not all of it. For that reason, if it's run out of fuel at the injectors, it can take a lot of cranking to clear it. I have dual tanks on mine and I find that if I switch over before it runs out of fuel I don't have an issue but if I let it run out before switching tanks it can take ages to purge it all again and get it to fire up. A few minutes cranking is not unusual then it'll start trying to run on a cylinder or two and eventually fire up.

If you clear the faults do they appear again ?

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Purge sequence is to pump accelerator 5/6 times with ignition on and leave it to do its cycle to bleed air out


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