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Freelander 2 - Key fobs not working properly/intermittently


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Have a 2010 Freelander 2, with both key fobs. I have had no problems for the last three years but suddenly neither key fob wants to open the doors/windows etc., although they do intermittently. There is no problem with starting and running once inside the vehicle and it nearly always 'locks' with the fob when leaving it (although on a couple of occasions the driver side windows front & rear have lowered themselves to half way for no reason). Next time I come to use it, it is hit or miss whether it will unlock, which means I have to use the key for entry. Once in the car starts perfectly - and the cycle continues.

Is this a water ingress problem, an ECU or BCU problem. ANY IDEAS!! it's so irritating.

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Each fob contains a battery which is charged when in the slot in the dash.  This battery is used for the unlocking electronics and might need changing.  Once in the slot the car recognises the fob but doesn’t need the fob battery to start.  It is possible to open the fob and solder in a new battery although there are people on eBay offering this service.   

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Thanks for your reply

I did think about the battery, but kind of dismissed it as BOTH fobs do the same and thought it too coincidental that both batteries would fail simultaneously. 

When one of them does open the doors, the boot NEVER unlocks (nor on the separate 'boot' button)

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yeah give it a wack to work - for me it was the left side of the fob off a wall!! but as pointed out there is an issue with these - the battery has tags that go through a PCB and get soldered in. One of these tags has been cut too short and therefore did not get enough solder.

I was put off fixing mine as i seen the mess that some people made opening them. i got mine open by squeezing it in a vice, length ways each corner and side - just enough to distort the plastic and break the seal. I got the battery soldered up with plenty of good old 60/40 - tin/lead this fancy lead free stuff aint as good- still not approved for medical products, and glued back up with loctite 460, good as new!!!


couple of other points to mote,

the battery will only charge while driving and with the buttons face up.

also my old fob was worn -buttons must have got swollen as it was getting caught in the dock.

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