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A frame build


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So with a possible house move at some point in the next year I've  decided to make an adjustable height A frame so I  don't need assistance from someone with a telehandler to move my milling machine, lathe etc also will be handy when I lift body off for portal axle project.

Progress so far 




Mag drill helping with holes




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1 hour ago, steve b said:

What sort of capacity are you aiming for?


Steve b


Looking to lift my lathe and milling machine when we find a house that gives me more work space and a couple of acres for the dogs to play milling machine is 750kg and lathe is about 1500kg so about 2000kg max I also plan to use it to lift body off lightweight at some point regards Stephen 

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More progress and an incident20200211_170520.thumb.jpg.e2c9da58ac1ec400ad6697c1be8401c0.jpg20200211_170500.thumb.jpg.95c0db7ed2b62a48320e1e8e5006e392.jpg

On a side note sometimes you need assistance which I haven't got so if it can fall over it will I was lucky wrecked a grinder battery but grinder ok I jumped out of the way 20200211_140850.thumb.jpg.1b31aaffe5a6641273d10ea1345d0fda.jpg

Regards Stephen 

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