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Range Rover TD6 Air Suspension Issue


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I'm having a bit of a nightmare with the air suspension on my Range Rover L322 TD6.
Two weeks ago i got the air suspension  / hdc inactive message on the dash and the next morning it had dropped to the deck.
I'm fortunate in having a diagnostics code reader and the only fault it was showing was code 50 Can Bus Fault.
I've since checked all the air bags for leaks, the ride height sensors individually and the pump, they all are fine. 
On start up the pump runs for a around a minute and then cuts out with a hiss, as if back pressure is cutting it out / turning it off.
The suspension lock button light is constantly lit and no matter what i do it wont go off and i cant get the can bus error to clear either, i think this is somehow preventing the suspension from lifting. 
I've a gut feeling that the issue is something electrical rather than mechanical.
Has anyone experienced anything similar or anything else to check / possible solutions?
Thanks for any help in advance.



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I suspect your clue is in the first codes you read - "Front Left Height Sensor Fault". I realise it cleared itself a couple of minutes later but if you genuinely think you have no leaks throughout the system then I'd be investigating that. It might be that the sensor malfunctioned in the past and the vehicle has got confused as a suspension height calibration procedure might help it. Don't know if you can do it on a Snap-on Diagnostics tool but the IID Tool I had when I had an L322 would allow you to do the procedure.

It might be worth, if you can, monitor the four values from the height sensors while you take it for a drive (or drive over a kerb etc) to see if they're all changing sensibly. If one is widely out then I think the ECU reckons there's a fault with it.

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