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Transmission Fluid Leak.

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Hello All

Brief Introduction - I was stationed in the UK from 2015-2019 and while there picked up my dream car.  A USA importable defender 110.  I love these cars as they don’t punish you (too badly) when working on them if you make a mistake.  Needless to say ownerships has been everything I wanted and more.  

Now the bad part:  Getting things fixed on these things is incredibly expensive unless you do it yourself.  I know I know Captain Obvious right?

So the Problem I am having is ATF  is seeping down the front of my transfer case - its not the LT230 oil - its red and it tastes different.  The transmission is a rebuilt Ashcroft with less than a 1000km on it so I am pretty sure the gearing and seals on the transmission are ok as for the T-Box I cant speak to that.  

I have combed the tech archive and haven’t found anything about this problem - then again I may not know exactly what I am looking for either.  Any help you all can give will be much appreciated 

Thanks Again


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Likely leaking as western says. My Ashcroft R380 started leaking at a year old. Apparently years later they found out they used a batch of substandard main shaft rear collars where the oil seal runs on. I've lived with it for 8 years as it's not worth the effort to fix. The oil level goes down less than 100ml between 2 yearly services

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