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Aftermarket central locking


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The generic remote CDL kit I bought for my 90 many moons ago was made by Spal, and sold through Sempal in the UK. Alas these OEM quality parts are not longer available in the UK as far as I've been able to determine.

I think your options now are to adapt original LR bits, or buy a cheap locking kit of fleabay. I know @Retroanaconda bought the latter for his 90, years back. Perhaps he can give some feedback on how it's stood up to life in a Landy after all this time.

Now if only I had time to fit a kit to my 110 CSW.....

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I fitted a Hawke kit off eBay , but they go by many makes but are the same kit and it’s been fine 3 years no problems  , James and I think Maverik fitted a kit similar to mine . I did have to lengthen the wires to the 2nd row doors as they weren’t quite long enough , but no other mods .

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I used a cheap one from ebay on the 90 - it worked OK once installed. From what I remember it was a bit of a faff getting the actuators to sit in the right places but not too bad.

The 110 has a similar kit, one of the pushrod connectors (that joins the solenoid rod to the LR lock/unlock rod) corroded away, so has since been bodged but the kit works fine... 

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I did indeed.

I bought a cheap remote central locking kit off eBay back in 2008/2009 ish and fitted it to the front doors on my 90. Actuators mounted at the bottom corner of the doors with rods up to the levers that the internal lock buttons operate. Control unit stuck behind the fuse box cover panel.

Summary over the years:

  • One remote fell apart, repaired by tape which requires replacement every year or so.
  • The wiring has fractured with fatigue on the drivers door several times, luckily I left lots of slack so I have been able to repair it each time.

More recently I’ve had intermittent issues with the remote not working, so I think a new system may be required. However given that the kit cost about £30 all those years ago I’d say it’s done sterling service in the time and miles since!

On an unrelated note the doors that were already rusty and needing replacement when I fitted the kit are now so bad that the wiring keeps falling out of the bottom. New doors are on the (rather long) list.

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