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Fuel pump line


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Another 'putting it back together' question! Fuel line to injection pump fittings. 

I have the original spill off line with a compression fitting but the line in seems to just have a jubilee clip. This could be a hybrid left over from the 2.5td days. Can you confirm jubilee clip pipe onto this line will suffice?

#shouldhavetakenmorephotos !



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I don't think that a jubilee clip will do, this is a pressure line right? I went out and took a pic of my setup, it was a 2.5TD and converted it to a 200TDI but kept the original fuel filter and lines, so I had the same problem as you. Went to a 'piping' specialist and he made this connection for me:

3 years on it and still no leak or anything. 

//and yes, I went playing in the mud .. will clean soon 😐


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Thanks all. I am surprised I didn't question the compression nut at tear down. The Pioneer 4x4 spill pipes have no compression fitting either so assume jubilee clips were the way to go for a time.



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The spill return connection on the injection pump is a banjo bolt below the boost capsule housing. 

The end from injection pump is the upper pipe in your photo & it matches the lower pipe in my photo in this reply. 

You just need the connector parts listed above in the installation booklet extract. 

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