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Don't laugh!!!....Britpart question


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I am after getting new rear brake callipers for the 300Tdi 90 part numbers SMC500110  SMC500240

Having searched the web it comes up that Britpart is SMC500110G and SMC500240G which is if the case I can live with, can anyone tell me what brand these are ie Lockheed, Delphi or other as I know Britpart are only suppliers of parts.

Cheers Andy

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That's kinda what I was thinking Ralph, I had found them o LR Direct web site as SMC500110G.C8 brand AP supplier Britpart……. and a good price but have also found better priced Britpart SMC500110 and SMC500240 but they don't state if they are "G"?

So was wandering if all Britpart are the same and then go with best price I find knowing that they are a decent make?

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Britpart will offer a 'normal' own-brand part, which will be made of cheese and best avoided, and a 'G suffix' part which will be OEM. Not that OEM really means anything but if it's a decent brand then they'll be worth a go.

I have AP calipers on mine, bought a while back (though not through Britpart out of principle) and they have been good so far. They're cheap enough that they're not worth rebuilding.

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