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Oil on cylinder head

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Hi. In process of replacing turbo as my 200tdi defender has been blowing blue smoke under load.

took the whole unit off and manifold and found the left side port on the head to be pretty oily.  A friend of mine says this is piston rings but I am confused as It’s not been blowing smoke all the time and surely worn rings would do this?

i am also able to take oil cap off and there’s no heavy breathing or pressure issues

should I take the head off and have a closer look or could this be something else? 

Thanks Adam 



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9 minutes ago, Sigi_H said:

Are you sure, this is coming from inside the port? Filler cap ie

No not sure at all just going on what a friend said when he saw the photo. He’s a mechanic so normally I would trust his judgement but he saw the oil and said this can mean only one thing ... rings!!! (Then proceeded to rattle off a list of others possibilities) hence I thought a little more investigation was worth while and there’s an awful lot of Land Rover experience on here 

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19 hours ago, Bowie69 said:

Port looks no different to the others on the inside, as above, manifold gasket.

Thanks yes they all look same to me also. I have ordered a new gasket (Land Rover genuine) and will see I think before I take apart what may not be broken 

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