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TD5 - Split oil filter


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Hi All,

Recently spotted an oil leak on my (unusually) dry TD5 G4 Disco.

Oil appeared to be coming from cartridge oil filter/turbo area on LH side of engine.

Disco in for service today and (unusually good) LR dealership seemed unconcerned. (Unlike me!!!!!)

When I spoke to them later they confirmed that it was a split oil filter (as they suspected) and..."It's not the first one we've seen".

Just thought you'd like to know about this one. Seems that they are splitting around the edge near the base seam.

Truck had done 32,000miles so it was the original filter. (Changed every 36,000/3yrs as the centrifugal filter does most of the work).

Think I'll be changing mine every 24,000 now for safety!!!



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Ouch - could have been nasty!

Never seen any such thing on any oil filter apart from one that had rusted through (been on there a while I think :huh: ) - though down here we stick with the old 6000 mile service intervals, change the rotor at 6000 and the full flow filter at 12000. Over-servicing pays off in the long term in any environment :)

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