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Instrument Wiring


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110 CSW V8 - 1988


I am in process of replacing my dashboard cowl / binnicle and have noticed two floating wires. Could anyone let me know what they might be for? They have always been disconnected as far as I am aware, but wondered what they might be for..

Separately, if anyone has any tips for jobs to do while the dashboard is off, I'd be keen to know (have been replacing the wiper boxes at the same time).






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Thanks Western. I can see that on the wiring diagram now.

I must admit, I assumed that all the warning lights went through the combined cable loom that went into the back of the warning light cluster. I assume it must be connected separately given the wires in the pics.

Should the PDWA come on with ignition and then only light if there is a pressure / fluid failure in the braking system. Slightly worrying that it hasn't been connected!

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Just to follow up on this, the black and white wires don't look like they would fit onto the warning bulb cluster as the connectors are the wrong size and the PDWA light is fed through the main wide and flat loom into the back. Any other ideas?!

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