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l322 questions


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I now have an L322 added to the collection so over the comming weeks I am going to have lots and lots of lovely questions so any help greatly appreciated.

1. The head unit has a full display but no phone connection or sat nav. I can get my hands on the full sat nav kit front another car that is sitting in my field. Is it just a case of transferring all the bits over? Plug and play style.

2. I had a message come up on the message centre which said Fuel Injection System seemingly indicating a fault. The fuel was very low but I stopped the car and earthed the positive to try and clear the fault but it didn't. Drove on to get fuel about half a mile put in £60 of premium until I realised I was using the expensive stuff. That cleared it after a little time.

3. want more toys like ventur cam and reversing camera. Do these require a computer to set them up?

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