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Freelander 2.0DI 1998 engine swap


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Hello, recently i got an amazing deal on a freelander from 1998 with a 2.0DI dead engine.
(Buying an second hand engine is cheaper than fixing my engine)
I read that the BMW engine, aka TD4, from the 2000 model is really good and better than this one.

I would like to know if i can swap the landrover 2.0DI engine for the BMW M47 2.0 TD4 one from the 2000/2001 model without any problem or conflict.

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Having had two TD4s and a Rover 400 with that engine...……...….....

BMW might be a bit more powerful and refined maybe, but better ? Not a chance. Less reliable due to endless electronic problems and likes to drink its own oil due to poor crankcase ventilation, and poor IMO turbo oil drain design.

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Well all I can say is that the two TD4s (one manual and one auto)  I had were no problem I moved both on at about 80k miles.  My brother in law had a Rover with the same engine which was OK too.  My first FL1 was a company car FL1 1.8 petrol and I suffered the inevitable head gasket problem.

Early FL1s were prone to noisy tyres due to "castellation" as they wore prematurely.  The rear diff was a slightly different ratio to the front to keep the transmission tight but.too different, this was one of the BMW changes. Air circulation in the early ones was very poor and BMW added a bigger air con and blower unit but even that wasn't enough.

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My TD4 arrived from the scrap man at ~120k and I got bored of it at ~265k and passed it along, still running fine. Never had an electrical problem. Off-roaded the bejeebus out of it too.

The BMW car PCV breather sorts out the filter issue.

There's a couple of TD4's in the club and they do really well, mate has a TD4 auto as an off-road toy and is absolutely made up with it.

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