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Lightweight c1980


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Hi people Hope I have right group to target this too, if Not moderators please let me know?


Just about to get Lightweight sorted, need advice on rear 1/4 chasis, think thats what they are referred as?  So a suitable company reccomendation?


Also my window tops are a bit scruffy now, are there replacements available


Any help appreciated, and after a long battle finally picked up mt S111 LW Bulkhead yesterday from Paegasus, untreated (bare Metal), what immediate primer should i be using pre mil paint being applied, as you can see, i was ot a mechanic but learnt to drive in a SWB/LWB and LW in Hong Kong 1975,( 5 days start to finish Ha) but mainly worked in Signals !!


Cheers for any answers



Founder and currently PRO for VMARS group

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Welcome, this is as good a place as any to post about your lightweight.

Rust Treatment of bulkheads is the same as any mild steel.

Either use zinc. Or paint. Or both.

I've a galv dipped bulkhead for my lightweight, but as the hot dip process caused it to ripple I'll spend a lot of time straightening it out. This will degrade the zinc, so I'll get it hot zinc sprayed and then coated in 2 part epoxy paint.

Top coat will be NATO green in satin.

Now, as to chassis. How bad is it?

Take a look at my lightweight thread on the members vehicle sub forum, is it as bad as that?

If you get a half chassis you'll have to ensure its for a lightweight, if you want to keep it original, as the lightweight chassis can be quite different to a standard series, in particular they have a military rear crossmember, extra bracing, a different seat belt mid crossmember and extra riggers for fuel tanks.

I don't think you'll get one, so you'll have to modify one, by which time it might be easier repair what you got.


Post up some photos, let's have a look!


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My wife’s was painted in NATO green, no black, and it looked really smart, but it was different from the original paint under the bonnet where the new NATO colour had peeled (poor prep by that painter, evidently).  It looks very good, just isn’t technically correct for show cars.

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