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300tdi rough and lumpy


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Just been through a few big puddles in 300tdi disco, full sealed snorkel. Engine went really lumpy, idles just. Restarts on key - no power. Made it home just about - smoking white smoke but smells very dieselly not oily exhaust - runs like a petrol with a spark plug out. 

Plan A, its to crack injectors one at a time to see which one doesn't make a difference, then check timing belt make sure hasn't jumped then check compression. If bad then head off. What other none invasive checks should I make before needed new head gasket and others etc etc

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Check for water ingress. They have a habit of breathing in water giving a wet air filter which makes the dust in it turn to mud, blocking the intake. Some snorkels (Safari for example) can still let water in during a big splash.

Other than that, the items suggested & if the filter has been wet, a compression test to see if the water got that far....

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