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The mythical 90 side panel to capping spacers

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This has been asked a couple of times now;

Puma 90s spec’d with factory bulkhead removal,  Puma 90csw and very late TD5 90csw are fitted with these spacers on cappings with the hoodstick tubes deleted. This was done to improve fitment / location of sidepanel to capping and alleviate creaking from old hood stick tube through studs/ washers.

I have no idea of the part number as it doesn’t appear on any of the parts diagrams, however as I am in the minority to have actually stripped down a Puma I took some measurements just now-

32mm diameter x 12mm high, m8 threaded. Two flats enable the spacer to be held while the bolt is tightened.

The through bolt which fastens these to the cappings and forms the side panel mounting studs is m8x45 with thick penny washer.


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50 minutes ago, western said:

I believe these are item 7 in the diagram I posted in 


Found on lrparts.ru website for defender 2007 onwards section 

Nope, the item you linked to is AZT500020, the Puma hardtop plastic alignment sleeve for the when the utility tub with bulkhead is fitted with hardtop sides with the old fashioned mounting studs. This helped align the sidepanel studs into the capping hoodstick tubes on the production line
The steel capping spacers above do not appear on any parts diagram or list I have ever found.



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I've recently been looking at body cappings from various places and I noted that the majority of the last ones produced without the bulkhead didn't have the stick tubes,  I figured they where incomplete cappings or an LR cost saving action. Not actually had a chance to work a later trucks body yet. Quite interesting info👍

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10 hours ago, soutie said:

Have a look at S&P 4X4 website as they appear to have them in their kit for fixings for the rear body.

Those are the early type eccentric holed washers used on early 90 hardtop mounting. They are smaller diameter than the threaded spacers

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