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Fuel tank sender adjustment.

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One of these,


Reading says quarter tank, float all the way down, this is on a new unit, is there a system to adjusting these? Ive figured out how to adjust it but cant seem to get it right.  Is it best to set one up with the tank totally empty? In the tank I can see a metal plate surrounding the filter on the end of the intake, I have no idea if the float wire rests on this or not. I seem to get it right, drive it for a bit only to find the level has crept up and my low warning light illuminates with half a tank rather than just above the red.

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Its top mount, mid 80's with the fuel pipe running down through it. The tank had a baffle in it that was catching on the arm, both tank and sender are bearmach units. I had to bend the baffle in the fuel tank in the end to stop it fouling.

So now, all set up correctly out of tank but when I put fuel in the low fuel lamp comes on basically where ever it sees fit, so the sweep arm in the sender unit must not be contacting the coil correctly or with too little pressure thus causing an inconsistent reading.

I am pretty sure these are Smiths units as well but I could be wrong.

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12 hours ago, Red90 said:

You are doing something wrong.  I have the same setup with an aftermarket tank and sender.  There is no issue.  Everything was originally Lucas.  If you are sure it is in right, return the sender and get a replacement.

Oe on these senders is Smiths, its listed on their web site, the tanks were obviously LR, Smiths supply Bearmach but it might still be pattern. Its in right, I can only go in one way, when it eventually stops raining I will go over the electrical side of it all as it works on resistance so the fault could actually be elsewhere but my guess is the slider on the coil isnt contacting with enough pressure.

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On 2/28/2020 at 5:16 PM, Red90 said:

Seeing as all of the gauges and all of the switches in a Defender are Lucas, I highly doubt they got the senders from Smiths.


Lucas made the switchgear, Smiths produced the instrumentation. 

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You may well have a faulty new unit.  I have had two replacement fuel level senders that were faulty from new.  It seemed in both cases that the contact between the slider and the coil was not consistent, and I couldn't see any reliable way of increasing the pressure of the slider on the coil to give a reliable fuel level indication.

Send your new unit back and request a replacement.


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