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Maps for Memory Map Navigator


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I've been using Memory Map OSGB in the car. Its great for local work, showing all the detail of the OS maps.

I've got a road atlas style map (1:600,000 ISTR) which I thought I'd use for motorway trips, as the OS maps are too detailed for this.

What I also didn't realise was, the datum/calibration of the 1:600,000 map is wrong for the OS edition of Memory Map, so it puts you by the side of the road you are on.

Does anyone have a decent UK road atlas for memory map ?

I prefer Memory Map to OziExplorer for this type of stuff as it seems to startup quicker, and is easier to use on the move.

I've also been "evaluating" AutoRoute 2007. This is pretty lousy for in-car navigation. The driving details are sparse, and the "SatNav" style screen has minimal info, not even current speed.

Hopefully one day I'll find an PC based sat-nav solution thats 1/2 decent. I've yet to try the Michelin one.

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I have 1:250k which is calibrated to the WGS84 datum the same as the OS maps, although I don't use it with GPS so don't know how accurate it is. 137MB, if you want a CD PM me the details. What version of MM are you using?

Nice one Mark - not sure on version - I'll take a look tonight.

Thanks for the PM Ralph :D

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i usde infomap navigator 6 in the 110 which i find quite good.


Hmm that looks pretty good. ISTR playing with an old version.

For roundabouts, does it show you an acurate "sketch" of the junctions, or does it just show a generic roundabout and tell you to take the 3rd exit etc.

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Thanks for the replies and PM's gents.

Alas my email and stuff went AWOL for a while, so it was tricky to follow up.

After my frustrations with Autoroute 2007 (glad it was an "eval" copy), I took the advice and bought - yes bought PC Navigator 6

It does seem pretty damn good, I've used it for a few local journeys and its spot on.

I've got it linked up to an 8.4" touch screen, so its much better from that perspective than a PDA, and I can switch to MemoryMap or Ozi Explorer for the more detailed stuff.

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Memory Map ships with a 1:250,000 road atlas as well as the GB route planner as standard. Either you haven't installed these or, you just haven't found them. Right click anywhere on the screen and select "maps at cursor". In the list should be the two maps mentioned, giving you what you asked for in the opening post.

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