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300tdi cambelt change - modification never done

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I’ve just started my first cambelt change on my 1995 300tdi. I've had it for years, but do very low mileage so have never felt the need to the do the belt until now (I think it was last changed about 12 years and 8,000 miles ago).  

I’ve got it stripped down and the belt is worn (by about 3mm) on the outside edge with black dust in the case; it’s got the old style idler (with flange) and crank pulley (without flange). There is no yellow square on the timing case or cover. I have therefore concluded that the modification has not been done (chassis number says the full mod would have been required).

I have a Britpart timing belt kit which includes a new idler (no flange) and crank pulley (with flange).

I would rather not have to buy another kit which includes the full mod, including timing case and injector pump bracket.

My question is, therefore, can I just use the kit I have with the modified idler and pulley or must I use these with the modified timing case etc? Or if I don’t want to do the full mod do I have to use old style idler and pulley? The vehicle will continue to do very low mileage (a few hundred/year).

Thank you.


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Use the kit you have along with revised injector pump bracket, turners have them cheap https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/Mobile/err-6835-bracket-fuel-injection-pump-used-c2x20635108

I would also change the injector pump rear cover O ring while you are at it, I have found that fitting the revised pump bracket which realigns the timing case correctly can cause the 20year old plus o rings to finally leak

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