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Where to look for a decent ambulance?

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The 127/130 Ambulance group is not a bad start:


TBH there seems to either be cheap crusty V8 ones or overly shiny expensive ones touted as expedition trucks. Depends how much work you want to do really - start cheap & rebuild it yourself or spend the money and hope you're getting a good job. The 300TDi Pulses fetch strong money (bit like Wolfs), you do gain a bit of room and street cred but they're quite ponderous old hectors.


BTW the one badger110 posted is a 110 not a 130 so you're getting quite limited on interior space - the non-pulse 127/130's are *just* big enough for a "full" camper (bed, kitchen, toilet/shower) if you squeeze, the pulses are wide enough to put the bed across rather than front/back so a bit easier to convert.

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