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LT77 vs R380 gearbox tunnel positioning

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So my defender has had a R380 in for a little while (m52 now m57 engine). Mine was a 19J originally so I have the LT230 on the bolt on mounts. 

Currently I have the lt77 tunnel fitted but I'm not happy with the fit on the LHS as I have a cooler fitted and I need more clearance. Question is, if i swap to the r380 tunnel will the shifter hole line up?


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I think the hole will line up but the tunnels are different so you would need to change the seat box as well as there’s a bulge (for want of a better word ) on the drivers side, if you want I can take some pics for you tomorrow off my project as there’s no carpet fitted yet and could take some measurements for you as well .

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I’ll take some for you tomorrow when I come back from work , I know YRM do all the individual seat box parts and I think they’ve started doing the front panel with the flange on for the seat box which would save you some cash if I’m rite. How’s the swap coming along? I use my 110 200tdi as a daily driver and you’ve got me seriously considering swapping it to a m57 engine , I might have a few questions for you later on 😁.

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So the LT77 tunnel is definately different to the R380. The gearstick hole sits approximately 20mm further back than the r380 version. Which makes sense as I believe the r380 sits around 20mm further forward. In this instance I cant swap to the r380 casing as it will clash with the differential lock lever. Doh, custom fabrication for me then!!

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