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Dash board oil light and "little Black box"

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Greetings Landy Mates,

I have a 300 2.5 TDi hardtop. Great vehicle and not the first Landy I have owned. Couple of weeks ago  on a long trip and after a new oil switch sensor was fitted to the oil filter assembly housing on engine block the dash oil light stated to flicker only after stopping to take a leak. As soon as the engine ran the light went off. I drove on figuring the sensor was faulty. Damn, Stopped at B&B for the night and then when the engine slowed at stop lights both light and black-box went ballistic.

So I went and bought new oil and a filter and changed this in the veld. Light gone and beeps dead that was until I stopped to fill the Landy and both warnings sounded, but as soon as I revved the engine not more warnings.

This issue seems to manifest when the engine in hot. Temp is just a tad below middle mark, revs ok not other noises. Drove the 1500 kms with no hassles other than the damn warnings. 

Since then I have changed the sensor check the oil regularly and still get warnings when engine is hot obviously when oil thins. Ive only done 2500 kms with new oil and filter and now new sensor.

Ive need the LR WORKSHOP diagrams and figured it might be faulty ERR3340, ERC5923,ERC5913, or ERR2241. There is a thermostat in this setup. Could it be the O ring or the thermostat.

There is no plumes of black smoke and engine not using oil.

Maybe a knackered oil pump but what I can sy it bloody annoying and so before I start undoing, maybe some one other there in the Landy wilderness can she some some suggestions.

Sorry for the long "yakty-Yak.. but there it is. Hopefully explicit enough.


Kind regards,

Ian S.

PS...anybody know the part number for the accelerator pedal return spring. Pushes the pedal up against the boot sole of the driver??


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