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TD5 Temperamental cold starter

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Hi guys

I've got a 2000 TD5 95k on the clock. Purchased late last year, and since buying it I've had starting issues when it's been standing. Anyway, I've got it in the workshop at the moment for some body work. But the starting issues are causing it to be be a PITA. Let's say its left for a few days, when I go to it, it will crank andcrank and misfire, try again and it will run but miss for a few seconds. Then runperfectly! This happens every single time, but today it cranked untill the battery was getting low.

Since buying it alot of things have been done to rule out the starting issue with no success:

*New OEM injector harness
*New genuine injector o rings & seals
*New fuel/air/oil filters
*Crank sensor removed and cleaned
*Previous owner fitted new filter housing, also checked duckbill valve and replaced copper washers
* glow plugs removed and tested
* FPR rebuilt with OEM parts
* New starter motor
* EGR Blanked and removed wiring
* Red plug cleaned several times
* ECU Opened up to check and clean
* All earthing points cleaned and additional added for engine
* certain of no diesel in the oil
* wastegate freed off
* can hear pump running when key isturned
* cleaned inlet manifold sensor
* done the bleeding sequence a few times

Once the engine is running, I cant really fault the sound of it. No smoke and seems to start back up pretty well. Although i havent checked this repeatedly as at the moment it hasnt had a good run, and thought it may not be too healthy for theengine. Only thing I will add, it's got about 1/4 tank of diesel, but that shouldn't makea difference should it?

With my minimal knowledge and experience its seeming like air in the fuel?

Can anyone help with this please?Unfortunately I cant get it to a garage fordiagnostics at the moment.

Thanks in advance guys

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Starting with the simple (and cheap) option, have you tried Redex fuel additive and letting it run for a while? I had similar issues although perhaps not so pronounced and a couple of bottles of that stuff over a few full tanks solved everything. I also replaced the fuel cap as i was noticing a vacuum build up in the tank so not sure what helped the issue more.

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I had the same reluctance to start with cranking and misfiring issue with mine recently, like yours it would sometimes flatten the battery before I could get it going. It turned out to be a fault with the starter motor, it either had worn motor brushes or a partially shorted armature, I couldn't be sure which but either way it was producing a significant amount of electrical noise when cranking and this was upsetting the crank sensor, I was getting persistent "Noisy Crank Signal" errors whenever I checked. A replacement starter motor solved it immediately for me.

If you're able to park on a slope or hill, an easy way to eliminate this is to try bump starting it to see if that has any effect.

Are you able to see if there are any faults logged?



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Does running a "fuel system purge" cycle before trying to start it make any difference?

I'm thinking you may have air/combustion-gases in the fuel rail, which will make starting problematic. Running the purge-cycle a couple of times before trying to start it will blow-out the 'trapped wind' and should make starting easier.

If this is indeed the case, I'd be investigating possible cracked/porous-cylinder-head issues.

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Hi guys

Sorry for the late reply. 

Injector cleaner and try bump starting it is definitely worth a try, it's difficult with it being not road worthy at the moment, but worth bearing in mind. The fuel system purge process hasnt worked in the past either. However, air was heard when the fuel pump was engaged today.

So, I managed to get a mechanic friend to put a diagnostics machine on it today. The MAF sensor was reading next to no values, so that's scrap. 

But the strange live data that we observed was the ambient air temp reading 150°c. Anyone have any ideas why this would be? Somehow got a funny feeling the sensor isnt faulty; but could be wrong? 

Lastly, I replaced the air bleed valve in the filter housing. The new one could only blow one way, but the old I could blow either way. So I'm hoping that will help. 

Any ideas where I should go next please?



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