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Selling up: best way

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10 hours ago, TSD said:

This is called a 'gumption trap'...

... named by the author in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" :D

That's a damn good reading suggestion for anyone in LoFi's position.

Eeeh it's all getting a bit philosophical round here :ph34r:

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Posted (edited)

The Soup gumption trap, in soft focus because frankly I'm ashamed of the truth. Don't judge me. If it hasn't dawned on anyone yet, this lockdown is your chance. Once in a lifetime moment when all of the back burner, long finger chores can be done. For a better life :i-m_so_happy: Do mine too while you're at it would you?

glws @lo-fi, I'd be talking to you were we on the same land mass.

SOUP Gumption Trap.jpg

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I ended up working every weekend running a business fixing badly prepped overland vehicles. I got so fed up with Land Rover in general that I sold my 110, then cried like a little girl as it drove away.  So I bought the Disco (200tdi) which is wonderful.  I use it as a daily driver, so I keep up on the maintenance. I'm now at the point where ever fix by the previous owner is sorted and every lapse by the PO's garage is sorted. I average about 700 miles a week in it. Generally smiling. Costs come out of my car allowance...

When it needs to come off the road for a couple of day's I use the Mighty Modus.

I've jacked in Greenlaning because, again, I ended up immersing my life too far into it. County Rep for two counties, SW area liaison for GLASS, LAF Chairman... all soul destroying. I still cover these roles but spend my time working with the Police Rural Crimes team to help nick the rednecks who misuse lanes. It's fun and feels worthwhile...

Finally I bought my wife a T4 Caravelle. Living the DubLife is great. T4 owners are very loyal to each other, very friendly and very helpful. Like it used to be in the LR world... And they are just unreliable enough to be fun and relatively easy to work on

What I'm saying here is this. Do'nt sell up. Mothball or reduce, but keep something. Back away for a year or two, do other stuff...  

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