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Hi, new to landrover discovery, bought one last week td5 15p engine I believe, but its boiled over on me twice, temp doesn't go up to red but it still chucks the water out of the header tank.

Head gasket? Head? Egr cooler? 

Any advice or tips would be great. 

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Hi Fellow Salopian,

The D2 does not like to have a cooked engine and it's a bit worrying that this is not the first time. Also the temp guage is not very accurate, and by the time it has gone into the red it's usually too late. A good garage should be able to pressure test the coolant system and do a "sniff test" for combustion gasses in the coolant.

Good luck,


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As Griff has said the TD5 doesn't like to cook. I have fitted an auxiliary temperature guage to mine and that tells me exactly the condition of the cooling system and has saves my latest engine from cooking on more than one occasion. I found my head gone and the gauge never went over midway. 

I don't think it will be good news.

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