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Temporary Fuel Hosing - After '94 V8 Tank Pump

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Hi all,

Slight issue on a RRC V8 softdash donor that I need to fire up periodically to keep it free! Tried to start it on Sunday. It wet itself. Poured petrol on the drive from hosing around the filters on the chassis rail directly below the filler. Looks as if it already has had the stock fuel lones bypassed on places.

Not looking for a permanent solution here, just something to fire it up on the drive. Is petrol rubber hising and fuel hose clips a complete no-go after the tank pump?



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Great, thanks for the confirm. Last thing I wanted to do was get specific parts when I wasn't entirely sure it was going to remain in that layout!  To an autofactors before they all shut then! Changing these without getting a petrol shower will be fun! 😄 Got one hose clamp, time for a second I think.

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