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Headlight switch

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Hi all , has anyone fitted an alternative headlight switch and fog light switch to there defender apart from carling switches which I already know about ? As I’ve had enough of the steering wheel stalk ones , I fitted new Lucas ones a few years back and the quality is s### , I’ve gone through 3 fog light switches and I’ve had enough. Any suggestions welcome , not worried about modding the dash and from other cars are also fine found this which looks interesting if I could fathom out the pins on the rear  


cheers Ian 

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We've got THESE 


All over the house! NEVER had any issue with them and been in years, pretty sure they're the original ones too!?! Can't see why they wouldn't work in the LR???




Give me a break!!!...I'm on lockdown having been laid off for up to 12wks.

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Fit a pair of relays for the dip & main beam headlights, that way the switch only has enough current to switch the relay on/off, the relay does the rest of the high current work,  as for the rear fog light switch it only has to operate one or two light so only sees a small load & shouldn't be causing any problems.

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Cheers western , all ready plan to do the headlight wiring upgrade I've started making my looms up the other day , as for the switches fog one I'm on my 3rd all new lucas all have had very poor internals , have to hold the stalk back on current one to get light to stop on and the head light one takes 3 attemps to get the dipped beams to stop on . So thought it was time to upgrade them to something less troublesome , if no ones used anything else I'll use good old carling switches .

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Agree with Western about the relays - but for my other switches, I have fitted Carling and I really like them and would recommend. Working out exactly which you need, especially when going multi pole and momentary is a bit tricky. The illumination and tell-tale facility is nice.

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