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I haven't started my Defender for two years and want to get it back running - what should I do ?

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What age of vehicle, engine type etc?

I'd check the oil, water and other key fluids. Then assuming it's possible on your variant I'd pull the wire off the fuel pump and turn the engine over until the oil light goes out. Then reconnect, give it a minute and try and start it.

Diesel might be a bit poor from age.

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I'd just stick a battery on it and start it.

Then when it starts, let it run for half an hour and do an engine oil/filter change - oil that's been stood for a while can be a bit gloopy with congealed combustion by-products so a change is always a good idea.

Then drain/refill the coolant: after a couple of years the corrosion-inhibitors will be depleted and due for replacement anyway.

Then jack each corner and do a full brake-fluid-replenishment (after 2 years it's bound to have absorbed moisture) check that all the caliper pistons are moving freely and the discs are not too pitted with rust (often you get rust where the pads have been against the discs).

If the clutch has 'stuck' to the flywheel, my trick is to push the pedal fully down and wedge it there with a piece of wood between the pedal and the seat-box. Leave it like this for a couple of days and - without the clamping from the pressure-plate - it will probably unstick. Far easier/less-brutal than some other solutions you may read about!

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I have a 2008 Puma I hadn’t started in two years. I parked it up with failed clutch release cylinder and never got round to replacing it as it’s a gearbox out job. 

The battery in it was completely flat - Amazingly I stuck a new battery on it and it fired up instantly as if it had only just turned off!

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I'd just stick a new battery in, start it and give it a few minutes before you go anywhere, then give it a run to get it properly hot, stop and change the oil immediately. As mentioned above, old oil can get a bit gloopy and there is also 2 years worth of condensation inside there somewhere. If you're worried about that, drop the oil and replace it before you start it, and then run it and change it again.

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Ideally you should either pull the wire from the diesel stop solenoid or disconnect the coil HT lead on a petrol and turn it over for a few seconds to get the oil pressure up and lubricate the bearings before doing a normal start up.

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I would do exactly as above to get the oil circulating, but before hand always very wise to perform some basic visual checks of oil and coolant before you attempt to put a new battery on and crank it over. 

If you are putting it back into regular use I would take it for a drive of varied driving to get the oil hot and then give it a service of changing the oil and filters as a minimum requirement. 

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