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2a headlight fittings

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of the correct fitting kit for 2a headlights? Mine is a lights in the middle. I’m struggling to find anything for sale that isn’t a) for series 2 chrome bezel type or b) 2a/3 lights in the wings models 

Pics added From google because I think it’s what I need. 

cheers folks



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Mmm , that style is a bit of an odd ball to other 7" round mounts , it might be feasible to use the ring and clamps from the more common type and fit M4 nutserts where the adjuster screw head and anchor fit , using the 3 o'clock as the anchor with a suitable spacer between the panel and ring . the other two would be the adjusters with some sort of retainer on the screw at the back of the panel - maybe a nyloc nut wound up to allow the screw to turn and not float about .

A small compression spring between the nyloc and the mounting ring on the two adjusters would stop them self adjusting .

I never quite understood why LR had this system , for only a year or so , and earlier and immediately later years had the surface mount with the bezel .


Steve  b

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I like Steve B’s idea 💡 

The one in the picture has no bowl, but I would think if you bought the generic bowl type (along with a couple of halogen lights) then you would be able to make something work.

it looks as simple as your grill panel having integrated front rims, behind that you would think you’d have a number of options for fitting it in and adjusting it.

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