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Best way to get the drop arm/pitman arm off?

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Hydraulic puller - professional type. I've broken loads of threaded pullers

Here's a trick though. Plumbers freeze spray and gentle warming (not at the same time) and a large ball pein hammer


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Don't be in a rush! Stick a normal screw-up puller on it, wind it up nice and tight, then leave it for a day or so.

The sustained pulling-action will work its magic. Same goes with ordinary taper ball-joints: Don't mercilessly screw up the puller until something breaks - just do it up 'tight' then leave it for a morning.

Too many people are in a rush and expect to see instant results with pullers etc. Give them time - let the joint 'relax' and it will pop.

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Can't really see clearly and I can't visit my garage to look at my spare, but there are two ears on that arm shown, are they not three to be clouted with oppsing hammers at the same time? Same method as ball joints?

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