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No fuel at injector

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I'm looking for some ideas please. Got a 300tdi (manual gearbox) pre-EDC and believed to be pre-immobiliser (no additional wires on fuel pump) which I'm fitting in my Lightweight. Its not run for nearly ten years - I know; usual rebuild timescale..

Am using electric inline pump so lift pump shouldn't be an issue. I've got fuel all the way to the banjo coming in to the top of the pump and I've taken the boost pin cover plate off and there's fuel going in as the diaphragm is wet. I've cracked off an injector pump (no 1) but there is no fuel coming out. I've fitted a brand new shut off solenoid and it's clicking nicely. I've even taken a feed direct from battery just to eliminate any ignition switch issues so I know it's got voltage when cranking. But i'm getting no fuel when I turn the engine over. I've exhausted all my ideas. Hoping one of you more experienced gentlemen can suggest where I'm going wrong.

Thank you

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There is a bolt in between the outlets for the injector pipes on the rear of the pump. Take it out (some diesel will/should spill), that will give you access to the injection plunger. If you turn the engine by hand with a clean welding rod or something pushed to the plunger, you should see it move a few mm. If it doesn't, the high pressure stage isn't working. We've spent quite some time diagnosing a similar problem in a Range Rover P38, turned out the plunger had broken!

If you want, I can send you a manual for the VE injection pump, very helpful to understand its workings and how to diagnose it.


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