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P38 dash


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Gents, ladies and collective.


My apologies if this has been covered. However...

I have been playing with a p38 it has been stood around for quite some time. And so far I have played enough that the engine starts and it moves under its own power 😁 but.... 

What I now have is the hevac blinking on and off. The dash seems to pulse. The fuel gauge pulses with the hevac. The warning lights on the bottom left also blink all be it dimly. If I turn on indicators the pulsing changes frequency. My first thought was an earth, I checked the one in the footwell and seems ok. Now I am stumped.


Equally I have no sound from my radio. If that is related?!


It is a 1996 4.6 V8 auto. 

Any help or suggestions would be epic. 


thanks in advance 


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If you are getting into the general electrical circuits, you really need the ETM (Electrical Trouble-shooting Manual) as this will show ALL the Earth points; there is more than one or two!!
It's part of the RAVE manual set. If you have the set but have perhaps been put off reading studying it, now is the time to start again. If you haven't got the set but have been managing on intuition and forum snippets, now is the time to search out an online copy and download.
Issue 11 , 12, or 13 should do you.


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