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Is this bolt (FS110306) anything special ?


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Right - quick question :


The bolt FS110306) that keeps the oilfilterhousing onto the 200 Tdi block, is that anything special ?

Or just a metric M8 / M10 bolt..

Asking because one is missing and I do not want to @%@ up the tread.

Thank you !





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M10x30 according to the usual webshops that sell LR parts.

Make sure you clean the threads in the block thoroughly first: compressed air, some penetratingoil/rustremover, more compressed air, then try to screw a fresh bolt in by hand to make sure the thread is free of obstructions all the way, only then try to mount the oilfilterhousing.

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Thank You all very much !

Have just emptied 1/5 litre of cleaner in the area to get rid of the mess so I can start cleaning....


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