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Slave Clutch Cylinder are they the same?

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This is for a 300Tdi.....Slave Clutch Cylinder 

Part No.FTC5072 (Delphi code LL15965)

But this Delphi code also fits LR Part No.591231 and this states it's for Vins upto LA....... BUT ARE THEY THE SAME???? Just seems odd Delphi have coded both LR parts FTC5072 and 591231 with their same code LL15965


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I can't seem to be able to get a definitive answer to this by searching the internet!?!

Some well known LR Parts suppliers that stock the Delphi Slave Cylinders, quote the LR part No. then state that it is a Delphi LL15965........Some places state it is a LR No 591231 others say it's  a LR part No. FTC5072????

They do look pretty similar, but if it's the thread size that is altered then that would explain a not so visible difference!

But NOT how differing places can sell a Delphi LL15965 as either LR part depending where you go?

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That answers the difference on the LR parts cheers Red90

So just need to know if a Delphi LL15965 is for early or late and this seems to be the hard bit as it comes up both depending where you look!?!

But for the sake of £20 difference I'd like to know ;)

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@Sigi_H .......Thanks for the pics and GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND to show the difference! I really appreciate you taking your Slave Cylinder OFF and taking it to BITS! very impressive!!! 

Joking aside GREATLY appreciate the side by side photos......But however this does not resolve the DELPHI code issue of whether the DELPHI Code LL15965 relates to LR Part No. 591231 or the FTC5072 Which is what I am trying to find out, 

At least you guys have answered that there IS difference in the actual LR Parts of 591231 and FTC5072..... so definitely need the FTC5072 version of this!

Just annoying to think i could save 20 quid for the sake of knowing!?! Oh such is life :)


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I happen to have my clutch line from a diesel R380 box sitting on my bench and I've just measured it.  It's 12mm, and it does not fit part no. FTC5071, which is a Series III or V8 slave cylinder (Brit-part site), although my 1987 Defender 110 Parts Catalogue shows PN UKC8677L for the V8.  The same reference gives the PN FTC3911 for the R380 clutch slave cylinder (p. 330, Item 10).  I assume this is for diesel engine units since they have a separate page, p. 329, for the R380 with a 4 cylinder petrol engine.  This page has the PNs and descriptions screwed up, so the correct PN for the slave cylinder in anybody's guess.  To add to the confusion the Brit-part site also lists the PN FTC5072 for "CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER 2/300 TDI - V8 - DEFENDER - DISCOVERY 1 - RANGE ROVER CLASSIC".  A complete muddle, and you have my sympathies.  Perhaps our numbers man, Western, can throw some light on the subjecct.


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