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Starter Motor Solenoid Woes

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Heck is a long time since i've needed to ask you Gurus anything.

Intermittently my Starter spins but doesn't punch out. Upon removal it works perfectly on the bench when using a battery jump leads. I've cleaned up the insides and lubricated the solenoid with Graphite spray and its doing it again. Its of course a 24V but i doubt that makes any difference. The flywheel teeth look fine, as does the teeth on the motor.

Question is, i suppose is that within the wiring on a 300Tdi would this (spin but no punch out) happen for ANY other reason other than it being the starter itself. By this i mean could the ignition switch, associated wiring or Starter Relay ever be able to make a motor spin but not punch out? I think not but i'm going to ask anyhow

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4 hours ago, Puffernutter said:

Is that the problem?

The solenoid should reach the end of travel (fully engaged) before the power is applied, so it sounds as if there is something wrong with the electrics in the starter motor.

It could be the pivot pin worn at the dog gear end, the solenoid has full travel but doesn't engage the drive cog. but as said the starter motor should not spin until the drive cog engages with the fly wheel.

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I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but having done a little reading, as I currently have the same problem I think the issue may be the Bendix clutch. 

It's likely that the solenoid nis correctly engaging the starter, but as the Bendix clutch is worn / failing the shaft is spinning freely rather than driving the Bendix.

Mine was starting first time every second turn of the key, but it's now every third!

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It's not always the case that the motor doesn't turn until the pinion is extended. Many solenoids earth via the motor windings so that the motor spins at reduced speed and power enabling the teeth to align before full power is applied. I had the same fault on my previous defender due to a sticking solenoid. 

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