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Quick fix for wobbly foam steering wheels

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Just having a tidy up and reshuffle round the parts stores today and came across a couple of old TDi era steering wheels - foam rather than hard plastic type.

The foam had gone soft with age and sunlight till it had come away from the steel rim underneath making them feel loose and pretty shoddy to use.

I'd put some thought previously to possible fixes for this, including using a printer ink syringe needle to inject resin gel into the foam, though looking at the needle it would have struggled to pump gel through.  So as they were on thier way to the bin anyway thought I'd have a crack with a quick fix - got a nice sharp stanley blade and made a neat slice around the back of the rim in the affected area.  The foam then came away from the steel rim real easy.  Mixed up some normal fibreglass resin gel and painted the inside of the foam, the steel rim, popped the foam back on and worked more gel into the split then along the edges of the slice so it can stick back together.  Bound it round with masking tape and waited an hour for it to set.

Results - wheel feels great and solid again and the foam doesn't roll round the rim, if you're neat with your slice and positioning back together you can't feel the repair on the back of the wheel.

Wasn't expecting it to work so well so didn't take any pics, can do some when i do the next wheel if anyone's interested...

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