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Steering Columns - between steering box and main column

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I've got another update to come in my build thread relating to this, but long story short for here I need more clearance around where the collapsible section is.

My column is this type:


With the way that rotates, its takes up quite a large volume around the collapsible section.

Has anyone interchanged that type above with either of the two later versions? I'm aware of the spline change at the steering wheel end, but did anything change at the other end of the main column by the footwell?

I'm fairly sure they're all the same spline on the steering box (but happy to be corrected) as I've got a 4-bolt box on there now and when I stripped it that column was attached to the old 3-bolt box which was fitted.

These seem to be the other two variants of column.
QME500031 - FROM VA133509 UP TO 2007

QMN500270 -  2007 ONWARDS


Thought I'd ask before I take the plunge and buy one or both of them.

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I have in the past changed a Td5 column QME500031 for the older pre Td5 type - they are a direct swap.
I changed back to the older type as the Td5 had sloppy UJ’s and they are not replaceable as integral to the shaft so I fitted the older type with replaceable UJs.

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8 hours ago, landroversforever said:

Thanks both.

I'd not noticed the upper UJ is part of it. It looks like the lower one is replaceable in each case though?

@oneandtwo Can you picture which bit of the shaft is the collapsible section? Don't suppose you've got the old shaft kicking about that you'd post? 

It was about ten years ago that I did that swap!

You are correct, the lower uj is still replaceable, it is the upper which isn’t which had failed hence me swapping back to the old shaft.

collapsable section is at top part of shaft.


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Thanks for the help chaps.

I think I’ve solved it! One half of the upper UJ has a longer distance between the joint and the bolt hole. I’ve put that part on the steering box and then the lower UJ on the upper end, but I’ve kept the sliding part towards the bulkhead. Seems to all clear! Just need to see about shock brace clearance now.

Guessing you’re not going to be travelling over this way at all @Mo Murphy any time soon with the current situation. Any idea how much postage would be? 

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