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Disco 4.0 V8 Parts Manual Needed


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Does anyone know where I can find an exploded diagram of the 4.0 Thor engine so I can find the correct part numbers for the gaskets and seals that I need to rebuild mine?

Ive tried the tech archive and Landrover manuals website but the Disco engine is not listed.

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56 minutes ago, Escape said:

Try new.lrcat.ru it's a recent version of Microcat with all diagrams and part numbers. Engine parts will be the same as the Range Rover P38 from XA on.


I’ll take a look 👍

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44 minutes ago, FridgeFreezer said:

ISTR the front cover / ancillaries are different on the Disco due to engine bay space... also the P38 clutch is a thing all of its own.

I have the later one on the Thor and I want to replace all the various gaskets, seals and O rings etc. The sump gasket for instance is rubber but I don’t think there’s a problem getting them.

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It's no problem getting the bits, it's if they're different from P38 to D2 - as I said, they appear to have subtle differences in the front cover/ancillaries and the exhaust manifolds I know are different, could be the odd difference in a gasket or whatnot as a result.

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I know of a few swaps from D2 ot P38 without issues, the basic engine is the same. Belt routing is different on the D2 because of the (optional) ACE pump. Gaskets should all be the same. Some suppliers offer a complete engine gasket kit, so you don't need to research every single gasket and seal. Often at a good price to. Too bad V8tuner is no longer in business. 😞

The P38 never had a manual option for the Thor V8, but the bellhousing and clutch on the earlies ones is indeed a completely different design compared to other Land Rovers with the R380.


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