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water under the driver seat, left handed LR discovery4


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I am currentry lock down in Spain on my own with my pet dog..  After a heavy rain I found the a warning sign coming up with "camera system fault" 

But the car was driving did an essential food shopping. 

Front panel screen does not tern on, Navi,Radio not working. But strangely noticed the driver seat foot area is very wet... The car just went thought change of the front screen, it had cracked while driving down here and 100,000K check done just 28th February by an official garage here, since then I have drove the car..5 times just to go food shopping. After having a close amateur look, I see an exterior frame attached to the front screen is wet inside, the rubber sponge and lose while the other side ( non wet side ) is fitted there is no rubber sponge in this side. The compartment pad under the wheel is very wet too.. All I can think of is to open bonnet, all the doors under the sun and dry and yes I did tern off small interior lights while doing so for 2 days.I contacted the garage whom they carried out recent work but they say they can now help because of the lock down. 

Today the car won't even start with low battery... what do you suggest what I should do...please help !!  

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That sounds pretty bad. Definitely on the company that replaced the windshield.

First step would be to park it somewhere no rain can get to it. If that's not possible, but a tarp over it to protect further water ingress.

I suspect a couple of computers may be fried, especially if it's getting worse. Hopefully the company that replaced the windshield has very good insurance and doesn't try to weasel out of it.

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