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Are all 200tdi FIP's the same

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As far as I know the Bosch VE pump is standard fitment on both 200/300 Tdi's and I *think* the only difference might be in the setup of the fuel pin inside (under the diaphragm) which can have varying shapes to give different fuel delivery curves for each engine. An expert may come along shortly and correct me!

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There are minor differences between Disco and Defender 200Tdi pumps I believe - the engines had different tunes due to the location of the turbo. I’m told by Diesel Bob that the differences are so slight that they will run fine on either setup, though when I had my spare (Disco) pump rebuilt I had it put in Defender spec anyway.

A 200Tdi pump is different to a 300Tdi pump by a greater margin, the injectors have different opening pressures for example. Nevertheless apparently it will run on either setup as well, though not as well as it could. Later 300Tdi autos had the EDC pump which has more differences. 

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