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Freelander buying advice


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Hello all,

Hope you are all safe and well at this difficult time.

At the moment I am doing a delivery round in a rural area to people who are not able to get out. Curremtly I am using my old Rover 75 diesel but due to the rough terrain in some of the lanes, it's really not suitable. As I will be doing this for the foreseable future I was thinking about getting a diesel freelander in place of the rover. It wont be a top of the range vehicle I would be buying  just something hopefully reliable to use as a workhorse. The  ground clearance being a lot better was my first though  and in bad weather some of the areas are going to prove challenging for the old rover.

I dont know anything really about the freelander other than the td4 uses the same engine as the rover. I have owned discos  and rangies  in the past but not had anything to do with  freelanders.

What should I look out for ? . Is rust an issue underneath like other land rovers ? What could I expect realistically mpg to be bearing in mind there is lots of stop start during the deliveries. 

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks and stay safe everyone.

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No rust issues unless it lived by the seaside, except for the fuel tank cradle which can  go, but this seems variable.

Can have problems with the drive system, but this is mainly caused by using odd tyres. Whatever  you use, they MUST me the same size and make, and ideally all be replaced at the same time. If you change a pair, they MUST be the same make as the others.

MPG about 30 to 34 for Auto and about 35 for Manual, but depends how you drive it. They are NOT economical.

It just so happens that my 55 plate Auto needs a new home, as I don't use it enough to justify keeping it. 

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TD4 engine is generally sound as you probably know from the rover

Issues mainly relate to the 4wd system which is why you see a lot being advertised as '2wd for economy reasons' this is 99% tosh as people remove the system as bit of it are broken.

Clutches and DMF on the manuals wear out at 100k ish and are quite a big fiddly job to do

Otherise they are actually pretty reliable. Just avoid both the petrol versions

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Buying advice has been done to death here, if you search back through this section you'll find 10+ threads with all the info.

If MPG isn't an issue the V6's can be picked up for peanuts and honestly if they haven't exploded by now they're probably OK.

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